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Puppy Mondays

20 Feb

Puppies are a great part of what makes our job fun. Because we want new puppies to grow into mature adults, last year we made Monday our “puppy day”. We have staff on hand to work exclusively with them in a special puppy area. The caretaker takes them on frequent potty breaks, ensures play time is constructive, and gives them lots of love and attention.

The current graduates of our puppy program are doing great, all of their social skills improve every week. What is a big factor in that is the training courses all of them have taken while in our puppy program. Training is required for our younger crowd (10-16 weeks old) to help them learn commands needed to make their time with us successful.


Going Green

14 Feb

A lot of of companies are choosing to put the environment first by using green products and cutting down on waste. Here at The Dog Haus being green has been our standard since day one. We use natural based cleaners, bio-degradable bags, recycle, automatic light controls, programmable thermostats and the list goes on. We feel it is not only better for our environment but the dogs safety as well. We are continuing that effort here by changing the format of our monthly newsletter into a weekly blog. Not only does this blog save paper it allows us to get information out faster.