New Package Available – Best Deal Yet!

31 May

Go to the “Services” section and choose the “Daycare” tab to access a shopping cart list of our prices and packages and you’ll see a brand new amazing deal!

Single Dog – 16 visits for $16 each – that’s $256 total – a greater savings than any other package we offer!

Multi Dog – 16 visits for only $14 a day per dog – that’s $448 for two dogs – wow!

The catch?  You have to use all 16 visits in 30 calendar days.  Wait, that sounds like a great benefit for your dog!

Your dog would be able to come to daycare 4 days a week on this astonishing deal!

If your dog already comes 3 times a week on average, why not throw in an extra day and take advantage of this amazing deal?  Yes, it’s summer, so you may be thinking “I’ll walk more, we’ll go to the dogpark more” – and I ask…..you do remember what WI summers are like right?


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