People choose to bring their dogs to dog daycare for many reasons. The top two reasons are for socialization and exercise, and the added bonus of convenience.


In an article in Woman’s Day, Dr. Stefanie Schwartz was asked what is the most important thing to do for a dog’s health. Her answer was:

“Most dogs aren’t walked long enough or often enough. The average healthy, middle-aged dog needs two 30 to 60 minute walks each day, not including bathroom walks or time in the backyard. Younger dogs may need even more exercise. And contrary to popular belief, you can have any size dog in any size home as long as you give her enough exercise. Also, try thinking of more creative ways to play with your dog, such as having her jump through a hoop, climb a ladder, or even swim.”

Many of us find ourselves very busy and it gets very cold here in the winter, so the long walks are hard to squeeze in. When your pet comes to daycare, they get a full day of play, which means they get plenty of exercise!


Your dog will have all kinds of buddies – different breeds, different ages, shy dogs, playful dogs. Owners find that bringing their dog to daycare increases the dog’s confidence, approachability to other animals, and obedience.


Although our furry friends are part of the family, sometimes there are important reasons why they shouldn’t be at home on a particular day. Examples include when the maid service comes, deliveries, or home showings.

Things to consider when choosing a daycare

  • Are the dogs merely supervised or do staff members intervene when play gets too rough?
  • Is the dog required to follow basic obedience commands given by staff members?
  • What type of training do staff members get?
  • Does the facility seem overcrowded?
  • What are the provisions for time outs? Under what circumstances is a dog confined to the time-out area?
  • Does the facility have a security fence around the outdoor area and sufficient protection inside so that dogs cannot reach the outside door?
  • Will the staff feed dogs that get a midday meal? Give medications? If so, is there an extra fee?
  • Is there an outdoor play area? If not, do staff members walk the dogs on a leash?
  • What is the staff to dog ratio? One staff member for every 10-15 dogs is optimum.
  • Does the facility have an emergency plan? Will your dog be taken to his own veterinarian or to a vet used by the facility?
  • Do staff members seem to enjoy the dogs? Show affection to them?
  • What is the specific procedure for introducing new dogs?
  • Do all staff members have access to and read the information provided about your dog?
  • Is there a discount for two or more dogs?

Why Choose The Dog Haus Dog Daycare?

  • 5,000 square feet of indoor play space
  • Over 3,000 square feet of outdoor play space enclosed by a 7 foot fence
  • Plenty of room and special care for shy/senior dogs, Puppy Play day for puppies 10 weeks to 24 weeks
  • One staff member for every 10-15 dogs
  • Free administration of medications and owner-provided lunches
  • Multi-dog family discounts
  • Package deal discounts
  • Non-toxic environment – floors are protected with a non-toxic eco-friendly sealant, all natural cleaners are used
  • Convenient hours – we’re open 6am to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday
  • Fun, safe play time for your dog with toys and agility equipment
  • Beautiful outdoor play space includes a wooded and grass area as well as an area with pools and lots of shade
  • Plenty of cool refreshing water available at all times
  • Completely cage-free daycare environment
  • Various games are played every day to exercise your dog’s body and mind
  • We also provide overnight boarding services, where your dog will play all day in daycare and have their own space to sleep at night

The Dog Haus BBB Business Review

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