Dog Haus Caretakers


Hi! My name is Kate, owner of Pretty Pawz Dog Grooming LLC. I have been part of The Dog Haus family since February 2010. Growing up I always had cats, and didn’t discover the pure happiness a dog can bring into your life until early 2009. Now it’s pretty apparent to everyone that knows me that I am a dog person. My fur babies include, Winston, a Chow Mix, and two cats, Kalvin and Mofro. As of September 2011, I added a human baby to the pack named Genevieve Gay, aka Gigi. My life is constantly filled with dogs and I couldn’t be happier!


I spend my mornings providing excellent customer service, and then I get to go in the play area and hang with the dogs! I have learned a ton and LOVE what I do. I really enjoying playing with the customer dogs, supporting customers in the training of their dogs (no jumping!), and building great relationships with our customers! My dog Lucie loves coming to work with me, and I love that I get to spend all day with her!


I was born and raised right here in Madison, so it turns out I know quite a few of our customers from school and my other job. I greet the dogs as they come in each morning (that’s me, I’m a morning person!) and then in the afternoons and on weekends I enjoy pampering folks at Anaala Salon. I absolutely adore the Min Pins that The Dog Haus fosters, and plan to have one as my own at some point! In the meantime, I like starting my day with all the customers’ dogs and seeing all of these wonderful dogs get along and have a great time!



Imagine waking up everyday and going to work with an amazing group of four legged friends, and a collective group of people, who share one thing common – the welfare and love of dogs. My name is Clare, I have been lucky enough to be part of this evolving and expanding family. I am fortunate enough to have my own dog, Clodagh.. She is the love of my life, a beagle/lab mix, who moved from Minnesota with me. I love the atmosphere, the people I encounter every morning, and of course, THE DOGS!!!


I have always had a keen interest in dogs and what makes them tick. We always had a dog in the house while I was growing up and they are some of the best memories of my childhood. In college, I earned a degree in Psychology which is a focus that has influenced my approach to working with dogs. Training and behavior modification are aspects of the job that interest me the most along with the relationships I’ve developed. I started out as a Dog Haus customer and was very excited for the opportunity to start working with the dogs full time. I currently have a 7 year old Border Collie named Luke who gets to come to work with me.


I have lived in Wisconsin since I was seven years old, and always grew up around dogs that my family adopted from local shelters. We adopted anything from a Labrador to a Dachshund in our house without hesitation. So I have a strong love for all dogs big or small, and that is why I enjoy my job here. Every morning I get to greet so many dogs and they definitely put a smile on my face and start my day off on a good note. Being a student and living in a small apartment I unfortunately can’t have a dog right now, but I do live with two lovely black cats, Beau and Daisy, whom I adopted as a bonded pair from Dane County Humane Society.

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