Pamper your pooch by boarding your loved one at The Dog Haus Dog Daycare during your next vacation. During the day, they will be able to play with all of their friends in our daycare area, and at night have their personal kennel area to rest up for the next day. We have single and family sized areas to accommodate any size pack.

Reservations must be made in advance for all daycare and boarding stays.

Please bring your dog’s food and medication for their boarding stay.  We do not have food to feed your dog as dogs do better being on a stable diet, so if you do not bring enough food for your dog’s entire stay, we will purchase food for you and you will be charged for the cost of the food and the pet taxi time to go to the store to purchase the food.  You are welcome to bring a bed or blanket and a toy or two for your dog to have in their kennel.  Any questions on belongings for a boarding stay, just ask!

Want to prepay for your dog’s boarding stay right on-line using a debit/credit card?  Simply purchase the number of nights needed below, and then go to the Daycare tab and purchase the number of days that your pet will need.

Daycare during a boarding stay is charged every day that your dog is with us, regardless of what time you drop off or pick up.

Example of boarding charges – drop dog off Friday at 9am and pick your furry friend up on Monday at 4pm: $20 for daycare on Friday, $15 for the overnight on Friday, $20 for the daycare on Saturday, $15 for the overnight on Saturday, $20 for the daycare on Sunday, $15 for the overnight on Sunday, and $20 for the daycare on Monday for a total of $125.

Want to board your dog but your dog has not had the opportunity to visit us before?

Dogs who board with us play in the daycare during the day and then have a kennel in our kennel room at night. We have 30-50 dogs in daycare, in groups of 10-15 dogs in one area, but we only board about 10-12 dogs overnight and on weekends.

Because your dog would be playing in the daycare during the day, we do require that all new boarding dogs come to a day of daycare ahead of time.  Please see the info on our Daycare page for “what to expect on my dog’s first day”.

When your dog comes to board and is being dropped off on a weekday, we would want him or her to come in between 6am and 12pm.  We find that it is difficult for dogs to come in after 12pm, because the rest of the dogs have already been there playing and are looking to go home soon so the arriving dog gets everyone amped up and has a different energy level than everyone else.  Additionally, we want your dog to have plenty of time to play before they settle in for the night!

We know this is a lot of information to consider and may alter your plans slightly, but please understand that everything we do is for the best interest of your dog and all of the dogs in our care.  We have been doing this for over 8 years and have found that these are the best practices for setting a dog up for success!

If you would like to make a boarding reservation and a trial day of daycare reservation, please feel free to email us at thedoghaus@gmail.com or give us a call at (608) 241-3647.

Overnight Kennel (Daycare must be purchased seperately)

Weekend Hours for Drop Offs and Pick Ups:
Saturday 8am – 10am
Sunday 11am – 1pm
**no pick-ups or drop-offs are available outside of these hours on weekends**

The Dog Haus BBB Business Review

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